"Eres un monstruo Pedro!!!..."
"Pedro, you are a monster!!..."

Maestro Jorge Pardo, genius Flamenco & Jazz soloist-composer, sax & flute virtuoso, main wind soloist for Paco De Lucia, quote from a personal email, [5-19-10]
Maestro Jorge Pardo, solista-compositor excepcional de Flamenco & Jazz, & virtuoso flautista-saxofonista, y por años solista principal de vientos de Paco De Lucia, sacado de un email personal,[5-19-10]


"En sus labios y en sus manos el viento se hizo música"
..."Dicen que la música es el 'eco de un mundo invisible', ...pero... ¿no puede verse acaso algo de ese 'mundo invisible' en los gestos y movimientos de Pedro Eustache cuando toca sus instrumentos?"
..."ante la adversidad Pedro entendió que valía mas 'encender una vela' que 'maldecir la oscuridad' "...
..."hoy recorre el mundo con muchos de sus instrumentos, encendiendo 'velas musicales' que armonizan la 'tierra con el cielo' "

"In his [Pedro's] lips & hands, wind becomes music"
..."It has been told that music is the 'echo of an invisible world'... but... can't we see some of that 'invisible world' materialize through Pedro's gestures & movements when he performs?"
..."having experienced adversity, Pedro understood that it was more precious to 'light a candle' than 'cursing darkness' "...
..."today he travels around the world with his multiple instruments, lighting 'musical candles', harmonizing 'heaven & earth' "...

Ruben Luengas, peridista 'estrella', presentando la entrevista de TV para "En Contexto" - Telemundo KVEA 52, Los Angeles.
Ruben Luengas, star-journalist, presenting TV interview for "En Contexto" - Telemundo KVEA 52, Los Angeles. [Feb. 2009]


"Esta extraordinaria e histórica composición ["Suite Concertante para Vientos-Madera & Orquesta"] se va a convertir en elemento emblemático de nuestra organización ["El Sistema"]"
"This extraordinary & historic piece [the "Suite Concertante for World WWs & Orchestra"] will become emblematic to our organization".

Dr. José Antonio Abreu, internationally acclaimed & multi-award winning/multi-disciplinary genius, founder of the world-wide recognized "National Youth & Children Symphony Orchestras System". Caracas, Venezuela, right after the Suite's world premier [Feb. 2009]

Dr. José Antonio Abreu, genio muti-disciplinario internacionalmente galardonado, fundador del mundialmente afamado "'Sistema de Orquestas Nacionales Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela". Caracas, Venezuela, al terminar el estreno mundial de la 'Suite' [Feb. 2009]


"Bravíssimo por tu pieza [la "Suite Concertante para Vientos-Madera & Orquesta"]... claro, no esperaba menos de ti!!"
"Bravíssimo for your piece [the "Suite Concertante for World WWs & Orchestra"]... but, of course, I couldn't expect anything less from you!!"

Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, Orchestral conductor extraordinaire, Music Director of the Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra [Sweden], & the Los Angeles Philharmonic [USA, from 2009/10] [Feb. 2009]


"...Dear Pedro,
Many, many thanks for your recent ["Suite Concertante for World WWs & Orchestra"] Caracas performance...
Tremendous! Moving! Fascinating! Riveting!
I am grateful that you are in this world, that Music is served by such a gifted artist as you. Thank you my friend."

Mtro. Fergus McWilliam, international French Horn soloist and teacher, member of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1985, founder of the Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet and Trustee of the Berlin Philharmonic Foundation [Mar. 2009]

"Presenciar esta música [la "Suite Concertante para Vientos-Madera & Orquesta"] fué como escuchar algo que nunca no habíamos oído antes... pero que siempre ha estado ahí!"
Listening to this music [the "Suite Concertante for World WWs & Orchestra"] was like hearing something we had never ever heard before, yet has always been there!

Prof. Victor Rojas, Flute-soloist & Educator, CEO of the world reknown "Simon Bolivar" Venezuelan Symphony Orchestras, formerly Dean of the Music Dep. at the Arts University, Caracas, Venezuela. [Feb. 2009]


..."I am absolutely astonished with your "Suite Concertante for World WWs & Orchestra"! (although I should not be surprised!). While you choose to play several different instruments, God chooses to play through you...
Congratulations on an unbelievable work of sheer genius!... You are one of a kind!... YOU, my friend are the miracle!

"Estoy absolutamente estupefacto con tu "Suite Concertante para Vientos-Madera & Orquesta"! (aunque no debería sorprenderme!). Mientras tu elijes tocar diferentes intrumentos, Dios ha escojido 'tocar' a travez de ti... Felicitaciones por un trabajo increíble y genial!... Eres único!... TU, amigo mío, eres el milagro!".

John Bisharat, Composer-Arranger-Conductor, Los Angeles, USA, [Mar. 2009]


"amazing! the music is so beautiful and of course your playing is brilliant!..."

Anoushka Shankar, genius virtuoso Sitarist, solo-artist, composer, from a personal email [July-09]



…Espectacular!!! y uso ese término porque no encuentro uno apropiado…

…más allá de una magnífica obra hay una genialidad de aquel que ha sabido forjarse un camino nuevo en dos direcciones: hacia la composición escolástica y hacia la música muy mal llamada étnica o mundial. Aún allí has ido más lejos al unir ambas cuando para muchos sin visión artística es un imposible. He allí la genialidad que Dios te ha dado y que en un testimonio claro y contundente no cesas de reconocer.

…has hecho historia y eso pocos pueden contarlo en su haber. No dudo que todo esto que hoy escuchamos y apreciamos, ha tenido que recorrer muchos años de dolor y de luchas profundas que han forjado así lo sublime.

…Pedro has marcado un hito musical que expresa la esencia de tu ser multifacético guiado por la obra de Dios encarnado una vez más y testimoniando de la rendición al Creador supremo que comparte este acto creador con su criatura.

Admiro tu obra porque en ella hay vida y una vida que se da y se expresa con todo el sentimiento.”

Graciela Perez-Boruszko, Dr. in Comparative Literature, Spanish Professor - Pepperdine University, California, USA. [Feb. 2009]



"Dear Pedro,
You are no more happy about our meeting than Charlotte [Editor's Note: Mrs. Coltman] and I are - we enjoyed tremendously your enthusiasm about musical instruments, your skill at performing on a wide variety of instruments, and your creativity in producing unusual and fascinating instruments. I assure you I learned as much from you as you may have from me. Thank you for coming to visit."

Dr. John Coltman, genius engineer, inventor with award-winning patents, acoustician extraordinaire, author and flautist... considered by some as one of the three greatest woodwinds acousticians in the last 100 years... [Excerpt from a personal email after our meeting on Feb 4th 2005]

"Very impressive "...

John Williams, genius composer-conductor, on meeting-audition prep. for "Munich" [Oct. 2005]


"That [solo] came from the heart!"...

Steven Spielberg, genius film director, after a duduk solo on "Munich" rec. session [Nov. 2005]


"You're crazy, man... YOU'RE CRAZY!! "

Stevie Wonder, super-star genius singer-sogwriter/producer/musician, on meeting-audition [Mar. 23rd. '06]


"Pedro, you have the annointing of the Lord! "...

Pastor Benny Hinn, eveangelist/preacher, on 'This is Your Day' taping prep. [Feb 24th. '06]



Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar, living-legend genius Composer/Sitarist virtuoso, during a private master class [Encinitas, CA 1994]


"Pedro is the best flautist in the whole world"...

Yanni, T.V. interview in 'Larry King Live' - CNN [Jul./4th/1998]

..."Mr. Eustache's Duduk really did carry forth an essence from an ancient land"...

Ann Powers, for 'The New York Times' [E38 - Jan./16/1998]


"Pedro is the United Nations of the Woodwinds!!"

Prof. Dai Shuhong, from the Conservatory of Chinese Music, Shanghai-PR. of CHINA [Spring-1997]

"In a surprising physical exhibition of his musical talent, flutist Pedro Eustache gyrated his way to a standing ovation. His dynamic performance in 'Nice to Meet You' brought the house down"

Esther Benenson, for 'The Richmond Times' [D3 - July./12/1995]


"Pedro Eustache is one of the geniuses of the Venezuelan popular music scene"...

Catherine Poensin, liner notes in Orlando Poleo's CD: "El Buen Camino" [Lyric Jazz/"Columbia"-1997]


"The beautiful 'Nightingale,'... was a breath of fresh air... Featuring wind player Pedro Eustache on Chinese flute, the uplifting number had all the promise of a bright new day"...

Troy J. Adjust, for 'The Daily Variety' - L.A. [pp.12- Mar./3/1998]

..." Venezuelan flautist Pedro Eustache, who dazzles with his virtuosity over flutes -- he plays the Chinese flute, the Armenian Duduk and the Indian flute with equal ease -- is one of the reasons behind Yanni's success"...

Suparn Verma, for 'Rediff' - India, [1997]

"Stylistic flexibility defines the musical language of Pedro Eustache. His flute is pure 'soul,' mastered by an impressive dexterity"...

Zayira Arenas, CDs review -column for 'El Nacional'-Caracas-Venezuela [C7- Aug./8/1996]

"In a 'brillant'sima ejecucion' of Mozart's 1st. Flute Concerto...Pedro Eustache got a standing ovation from the audience at the Teatro Real de Madrid"...

J. Lozada Rondon, concert review for 'El Nacional' Caracas-Venezuela [C5- May/5/1980]

..."Pedro could always be counted on to perform on flute, bass clarinet, and tenor sax with tremendous stylistic flexibility, lyricism, poignancy, and buckets of soulful energy....He has been touring the world, touching many souls with his God given voice"

James Newton, composer/flautist extraordinaire, Professor of Music-UCI, liner notes for Pedro's 2nd. CD:"The Giant Sleeps" MMP- MIDI INC.,/ PERISCOPE-1995]


..."Pedro!... your talent and genius as composer, performer, arranger and improviser are so present in these compositions!! How can you cope with this???...

...Bravo for your work and your gift!"

Emmanuel Pahud, flute soloist, EMI recording artist, principal flute with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, from personal e-mails [March/6/2000 & Sep/26/1999]

"New Age guru Yanni often employs talented specialists for his work,...and, ...there's no doubt that Venezuelan wind instrumentalist Pedro Eustache is a major find. His solo debut, 'Strive for Higher Realities' is a mesmerizing,...unique, uplifting effort"

Hillary Grey, in 'Currents' (CD reviews)- for JAZZIZ magazine [pp. 100 Jun./1997 Issue]


"Mon cher Pedro,...Merci et mille fois "bravo" pour cette magnifique réalization - J'adore cette evolution dans la musique... Je vais faire connaître ces disques autour de moi, car c'est un aboutisment de connaissances musicales diversifiées, aussi bien techniques, créatrices, j'oserais meme dire "philosophiques" - Je réitère mes applaudisments et te souhaite un tas de bonnes choses"...

('Dear Pedro...Thank you and 'bravo' a thousand times for this magnificent achievement. I love this evolution in [your] music... I am going to share these records with those around me, for I consider them the successful result of [your] diversified musical, technical, creative--and I would even dare to say--'philosophical' knowledge. Again, congratulations for your work, and wish you all the best"...)[translated by P.E.]

Maestro Raymond Guiot, international flute soloist/composer, educator, improviser; formerly with L'Opera Comique De FranceTheater Orchestra, and retired prof. from the Paris "Conservatoire National De Musique" & The "Hector Berlioz" Conservatoire [personal letter, L.A., 8-27-1996]

"Pedro,...you did a beautiful job playing the Duduk on Yanni's 'Tribute'. I was very impressed. You play better than a lot of Armenians that I know!!..."

Armen Chakmanian, keyboardist from the Grammy-Award winning band 'Shadowfax' [personal letter, L.A., 4-8-1998]

"The range of Pedro's repertoire in varied music forms, the incredible quality of his skill and the stirring vitality and remarkable sensitivity in his delivery, give the term "world class" a whole new dimension of worth in meaning."

Jack W. Hayford, D.Lit. Pastor/President of The Church On The Way and The King's Seminary, Van Nuys, California [personal endorsement letter, 5-20-1999]


..."greeted with a standing ovation...Pedro Eustache delighted crowds at the world premier performance of his original work"

Eileen Ferber, the California Philharmonic concert review, La Cañada Flintridge Outlook, [Sep/2/1999]


"If there were any musical purists in the audience...their musical base was widened by musician/composer Pedro Eustache"...

John Huthmachr, the California Philharmonic concert review, La Cañada Valley Sun, [Sep/2/1999]


..."Pedro Eustache, composer and brilliant musician... blew the audience away, playing the duduk, didgeridoo, saxophone, flute and bansuri (instruments many hadn't known before). Full of spirit and life, as well as monumental skill, he was a huge crowd pleaser!"

Pat Taylor, the California Philharmonic concert review, The Tolucan Times, [Sep/8/1999]


..."the unparalleled and wizardly doudouk & svhi player Pedro Eustache, the Venezuelan genius performer who in Ara Gevorkians successfull concert would have his lyon's share..."

"Massis" weekly, review for the L.A. sold-out concert of Armenian super-star keyboardist-composer Ara Gevorkian, [Nov. 27, 1999]


..."Woodwind player Pedro Eustache was no less versatile, moving easily from tenor saxophone to flute, playing the latter with particularly impressive musical urgency. On one number--a setting of the carol "Emmanuel"--he played the double-reed, Middle Eastern duduk, producing sounds filled with the instrument's familiar intensity"...

..."Individually and collectively, it was a first rate performance"...

"Unknowns' Expert Players Make a Forceful Impression", Jazz Review by Don Heckman, ('Alex Acuña & The Unknowns' jazz concert), Los Angeles Times, F47, fri., Dec 24th. 1999


..."The event, held at the Los Angeles Theater Center, also showcased... prominent flautist Pedro Eustache,...

Another spotlighted feature... was Eustache's work on the saxophone. Seductive and lyrical, the lilting sounds of the sax graced the arrangement with an entrancing, ethereal...

...Blowing through the flute, Eustache created the aural sensation of wind rustling through trees and then pleased the ear with a sweet, tranquil melody line."

By Jessica Holt [Daily Bruin Senior Staff], Paco & Yolanda Arrollo's 'Herencia Flamenca' concert's review for the DAILY BRUIN ONLINE, sponsored by 'The Fountain Theater' at 'L.A.T.C' [Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2000]


..."flutist Pedro Eustache ...impressive on many instruments... [an] affecting moment occurred when Eustache's breathy flute added a shiver to Laila del Monte's shimmering flamenco footwork..."

Monday, May 6, 2002 DANCE REVIEW 'Azahar' a Rich Ethnic Blend By JENNIFER FISHER, Special to The L.A. Times



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