Solo Recordings:


"Hymns-Himnos", Pedro's latest solo CD !
(C.D. as solo artist for Gynook Productions®)
Track Notes and Audio Samples:[mp3].


This Christian Hymns CD Vol.1 --more than 25 years overdue-- reflects my life-long musical ‘calling’. They are instrumental versions of hymns from the evangelical Christian tradition. I go from my roots through my artistic endeavor now, utilizing diff,. realms, new digital technologies and musical influences-instruments of the world.

The variety in this project illustrates how valid these hymns are today –truth is not time-bound—as well as the universally relevance of their message is. 

May this Truth bless you the same way He have bless me through all these years…

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"Global M-Vission"
(C.D. as solo artist for Gynook Productions®)
Track Notes and Audio Samples:[mp3].

"Global MVission" (mp3) - "Veni, Emmanuel" (mp3) - "Little Princess Raga" (mp3)

"Desde El Antiplano" (mp3) - "Celtic Himn " (mp3) - "Lyriconin" (mp3)

This project is the direct consequence of a whole life of learning & admiring different musical cultures of the World, as well as the power of new technologies.

The goal was to engage the listeners into a reality that goes beyond geographies &/or chronology.

In it there is convergence of acoustic and electronic realms, ancient-modern aesthetics, classical and popular traditions, as well as  conventional and progressive formats, resulting in a refreshing, unique, varied --yet powerful-- synergy

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"Strive for Higher Realities"
(1st. C.D. as solo artist for MMP/MIDI Inc/Mercury.)
Audio Samples:["Gynook" 22KHZ mono].
"Gynook"(1.3MB AIFF)
By crossing traditional afro rhythms & drums--sounds from his native Venezuela-- with lush harmonic textures and powerful improvisation, flautist /bass clarinetist Pedro Eustache's debut as a leader is a breath of fresh air. On this contemporary Latin Jazz album--recorded in Venezuela in its entirity--22 musicians were used!!
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"The Giant Sleeps"
(2nd. C.D. as solo for MMP/MIDI Inc/Mercury.)
Audio Samples:[8 bits@22.3KHZ].

"Sara's Waltz"(831k.AIFF).
Pedro shows more the player/improviser's perspective/approach in this, his second solo statement. By 'reformatting' the traditional Latin-Jazz setup [guitar substituting for piano & flute/bs. clar. instead of sax, plus drums, perc. & bass] a whole new realm of possibilities arise. From Coltrane to E. Dolphy, based on his Latin roots--Pedro pays tribute to some of his main jazz influences.

Publications [in prep.]:

"The Flute Book: a holistic approach to flute instruction"
A true encyclopedic piece of work, direct consequence of Mr. Eustache's 20 plus years of flautistic 'journeying'. Dealing from the Technical, through the Musical, to the Spiritual aspects relevant to flute-playing, this may be considered one of the most complete books in the bibliography of the flute.

"Wind Synthesis: concepts & techniques"
A pragmatic approach to the art of wind synthesis, dealing with both aspects of programming & performing, going from extremely basic setups & concepts to intermediate, & advanced interactive computer music techniques.

Pedro's synths

Pedro's wind synths: Lyricons [1974 vintage analog wind synths] & the WX-5 [the latest MIDI wind controller]


[Finished or in preparation]

Wind Synths:

Mods/ Expansions for the WX-7: four new different not-fingered-controlled sensors/controllers, plus analog wind, lip & new sensors/controllers CVs out signals..


Hyper-wind controller. No parallel in the market yet..

World Music Flutes & WWs:

[Made out of Hollowood, Phenolic, Metal and/or PVC]:

  1. Indian Bansuris
  2. Bass Neys [w/penny whistle fingering & chromatic]
  3. Armenian Piccolo Shvi
  4. Alto Bulgarian Kaval
  5. Slovak Fujara [Chromatic]
  6. Egyptian Shepherds flute
  7. Mongolian 'Pory-Khan'
  8. Middle Eastern Miszjwiz
  9. Egyptian Arghoul
  10. Australian Didgeridoos
  11. Chinese bass Deeza
  12. Chromatic Khaen

For more Pics & details, please see Instruments

Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute) headjoint customized by Pedro



Small custom Egyptian Arghul, with telescopic-tunable brass drone

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